IMER USA Batch Plants

In 1999 IMER International SpA purchased Le ORU, one of the leaders in European wet and dry batch plant design and manufacture. At the time of the purchase IMER International already had 35 years of success designing and developing their own series of batch plants.The combination of these two Italian manufactures lead to the creation of the IMER Group.

IMER USA which was founded in 1990 has led the way in developing the commercial duty construction saws, pumps and mixers which are sold here in the states and built by our partners the IMER Group in Italy. Currently IMER USA has two assembly and warehouse facilities in the USA, one right next to Washington DC in Capitol Heights, Maryland and the other right next to Oakland, California.

IMER USA and our partners in the IMER Group have waited until now to introduce our batch plants mainly because we did not have a batch plant manufacturing facility here in North America.That situation has now been resolved with the opening of our new industrial complex in Monterrey, Mexico. As we develop our American batch plant designs, and our sales and service operations, all of our facilities here in the United States,Europe and Mexico will be committed to making it happen.

The common goal of the IMER Group,IMER USA, and our Mexican manufacturing facility is to deliver to the batch plant customer the right machine, at the right price, along with a parts and service program that keeps the plant running smoothly for years to come